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  • Call and Text Recording Analysis Software

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  • Call and Text Recording Analysis Software

    Near Real-Time Alerts

    Take control of bad customer interactions and increase sales.

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  • Call and Text Recording Analysis Software

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Turnkey Solution For Capturing and Analyzing
Customer Interaction in Near Real-Time

call analysis

Near Real-Time Call Analysis

When a customer experience takes a turn towards the bad, the clock starts ticking. The longer the customer, or prospect, unhappy, the lower the probability they will remain or become a customer. Sentiment analysis and key phrase spotting allow InterActiveTel to deliver actionable intelligence as situations unfold. Historical analysis fills the gaps in your CRM data by letting you know why customers are calling and for which products.

call recording

Call & Text Recording

Capturing voice and text communications is at the core of implementing a good analysis strategy. Voice data is a gold mine for those businesses that are not currently leveraging the value that can be extracted from phone conversations with their customers. InterActiveTel technology can capture voice and text on or off premises and works well with analog, digital and IP systems.


Customizable Alerts

Knowing something is going wrong with a customer experience is only half the battle. You also have to notify the person who has the availability and skill set to take steps towards a better outcome. We deliver alerts via SMS or email in moments according to department, sales agent, and other criteria that can be configured in our portal, giving the best qualified person the earliest opportunity to save the day.

api code

Our API is Extremely Versatile

Customer interaction analysis can be integrated into any sales force automation platform or CRM becoming a integral part of existing customer acquisition and retention efforts. Our API allows you to use our Tier 1 network to carry voice and text or continue to use your current provider. We play well with others.

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