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    All the features of Total Track but with access to mobile devices as well. Use our proprietary applications for IOS and Android.

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Know Your Business With Total Track
  • Recording on all lines:
    100% of all calls including main number, all extensions, all departments and toll free.
  • Mobile Application
  • Web Based Control Panel:
    Monitor the Rich Reporting Capabilities from anywhere; edit settings and review calls.
  • Campaign Management:
    Easily maintain Advertising Campaigns. Know which ones work!
  • Online and Offline Lead Tracking:
    Gauge online and offline marketing performance with local and tollfree numbers.
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Inbound Calling

Interactivetel provides virtual numbers that can track and record inbound calls. Included with our inbound calling we offer an array of different routing methods and applications that can add additional functionality without additional cost.


Calls are delivered to one or more phones simultaneously. This is best used when the phones the call is delivered to do not have voicemail attached. Otherwise you risk a voicemail greeting receiving the call.


This routing method helps to make sure a phone call is answered. The call would ring to phone A three times, then phone B, three times, and so on until the call was answered. After a specified amount of time the call could also be directed to a call center.

Round Robin

Calls are distributed to a group of numbers one a time. The first call would go to phone A, the next call to phone B, and so on. This ensures equal number of calls to each individual in a given group.

Shark Tank

Calls are delivered to one or more phones simultaneouly, but each recipient must press 1 in order to accept the call. The person who presses one first gets the call while the others are told the call was already answered.

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Outbound Calling

Tracking and recording outbound calls has been largely overlooked due to the challenges associated with capturing the audio of the outbound call.

The value of adding this information into the wealth of data available in CRM and ERP systems is that it helps complete the picture of the experience by filling in the gaps left when the sales person is now reaching out to the consumer.

Without the complete picture it is harder to understand where an experience started to blossom or fail. This is information that could iniate process changes that reverberate positively through the organization all the way down to the bottom line.

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