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About us

Our Story

InteractiveTel was created with one mission in mind: providing total call accountability for an organization.

There are so many different ways an organization can communicate today: phone, email, text, chat, and bot, so we built a single solution that can deliver real time accountability from every communication medium. No need to use multiple vendors to track, record, and act upon an occurrence; we are your S.P.O.C. (Single Point of Contact.)

What we do

Sales Simplified

InteractiveTel specializes in providing cloud-based and on-premises solutions that transport, capture and analyze voice and text communications. Our solution enables our clients to see their entire Marketing picture from lead attribution to conversion, tracking ROI, reducing sales inefficiencies, improving sales coaching and drastically increasing close rates.

Effective Customer
Communications Management

We are your dose of success

Our Team

Let’s develop your company’s accountability strategy together!
We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Jack Behar
Bill Leek
President & COO
Gary Graves
Dennis Schultz
Brian Futrell
Product Manager

Everyone Has Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t let anything go undiagnosed,
answering all your questions.

Do you integrate your data into other vendors' platforms? + -

Absolutely! We integrate with a number of CRMs, DMSes, and web analytics providers. Feel free to browse our Partner section for a list of our top integration partners.

Can I exclude an extension from being recorded? + -

 While we truly believe that every call should have the ability to be analyzed, we understand that your privacy and security is even more valuable. We provide the ability to “blacklist” any extension or phone number that you may need.
How long do you store call data? + -
We will keep call data for the life of your account.
How can I reset my password? + -
Contact your administrator. They will be able to reset your credentials under Settings. If you are an administrator and cannot access your account, reach out to Support at 8882900038 or support@interactivetel.com
Am I able to keep my existing marketing numbers when I sign up with InteractiveTel? + -
Yes, we will be able to port your numbers in to our system. We will just need you to fill out an authorization form, give us a list of numbers and our LNP team will take it from there!
Can I buy vanity numbers from InteractiveTel? + -
We are able to provide vanity numbers, yes. Keep in mind that we can only obtain numbers that are not currently in use.

Whether you’re looking to empower your current platform or phone system with enhanced telephony, or wanting a creative solution including mobile and SMS, our robust API will allow you to build your solution with a few easy steps.