InteractiveTel Featured at Internet Battle Plan XXIII

InteractiveTel CTO, Gary Graves will be a feature speaker at the Internet Battle Plan in Clearwater, FL Feb. 12-13.

In today’s fiercely competitive retail environment, every dealership must be operating at maximum efficiency. Every profit center must be synergistically integrated with every other department in the dealership while, at the same time, producing their maximum profitability. According to Internet Battle Plan founder Jim Ziegler, your only choices are grow or die.

InteractiveTel’s topic will be Bridging the Gap Between Online and Offline Analytics.

The most common objective of an online ad campaign is to drive phone calls and form fills. Google Analytics tracks online behavior and provides an insightful feedback platform to explore ways to shape the online journey.

Offline attribution is derived from the analysis of phone conversations. Calls are converted from speech to text and mined for keywords and key phrases. These artifacts are used to extrapolate the intention of the caller as well as to identify any events that occurred.

As the journey traverses from digital to voice, what happens after the calls are received or after the lead is called from a lead form submission is often left at the mercy of a disciplined CRM strategy. Leaving many questions unanswered:

  • What lead sources are driving the highest quality calls?
  • How relevant are the phone conversations to the keywords that sourced them?
  • What are my customers talking about the most? Do I have the keywords associated with those topics?
  • How many phone calls to appointments are my online campaigns driving?
  • Gary will discuss how these questions can be answered automatically and arrive at an approach that can contribute to making 2018 one of your best years yet.

    About InteractiveTel

    InteractiveTel specializes in software-as-a-service (SaaS) telephony applications that help improve customer service and boost sales. InteractiveTel technology can capture and analyze voice and text communications in near real-time and automatically alert the right department or person.

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