InteractiveTel: Turning phone calls into customer loyalty

InteractiveTel boosts SaaS sales and scalability with performance improvements powered by Google Cloud Platform and Google Speech API.

Google Cloud Platform Results

  • Improves sales of turnkey solution for capturing and analyzing customer calls and texts
  • Boosts transcription accuracy by up to 30% over its previous solution
  • Improved scalability helps InteractiveTel support growth

In the world of automobile sales, the telephone is a major source of high-value leads, but a survey by auto dealer lead provider Dealix found that dealers don’t follow up with callers nearly 75% of the time.

InteractiveTel is working to solve the problem by developing solutions that track, monitor, and report on phone-based dealer-customer interactions. The automated InteractiveTel system transcribes calls in near real-time so that dealers can quickly and accurately respond according to message content. However, when its existing transcription system provided poor results, InteractiveTel switched to Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Speech API for their scalability and high accuracy rates.

“Google Cloud Speech API performs highly accurate speech-to-text transcription in near-real-time,” says Gary Graves, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at InteractiveTel. “The higher accuracy rates mean we can help dealers get the most out of phone interactions with their customers and increase sales.”

Accurately collecting customer sentiment

When a customer calls a dealer, InteractiveTel technology records the call and then stores the details in Google Cloud Storage and simultaneously transcribes the content with Cloud Speech API. Because the transcription is done in near real-time, the dealer can receive actionable alerts about calls while they are in progress, and respond rapidly to help ensure customers are being treated well.

InteractiveTel’s proprietary analysis engine examines transcript text and recommends action based on the call’s content. Dealers can create keywords or phrases that when found in a transcript will trigger alerts to be sent to specific people.

For example, if a customer calls about a specific vehicle only to learn that that it’s no longer available, the call may end without the agent capturing any information about the customer or inquiry, resulting in a missed opportunity because a similar vehicle could be in stock within days. With InteractiveTel’s solution, an alert and the transcript are instantly sent to the sales manager, who can call the customer back immediately to try to win their business.

The software can also detect negative customer sentiment based on keywords, enabling dealers and sales managers to take immediate actions. For instance, when a customer disagrees with a salesperson, a sales manager can be alerted to join the call live and mediate the situation. Or, when a customer leaves a message saying she was unhappy with a long wait for service, a service manager can call back immediately to rectify the situation.

“Calls are the hottest leads for auto dealerships, but they are very hard to track and analyze,” says Gary. “The key to optimizing them is to act immediately by analyzing customer reactions in near real-time using call transcripts.”

Better transcriptions boost customer satisfaction

According to InteractiveTel, the Cloud Speech API has improved transcription accuracy by up to 30%, compared with the company’s previous machine-transcription service. Now InteractiveTel’s technology can recognize keywords and customer sentiment with higher precision and provide dealers with a more effective solution for vetting leads and providing superior customer care.

“Customer interaction analysis tools like ours can go beyond closing sales,” adds Gary. “They can also root out systemic phone-handling problems, and create a complete picture of how dealers relate to their customers.”

As a result, an increasing number of dealers are signing up with InteractiveTel. Because the Google Cloud Platform is easily scalable, InteractiveTel will be able to keep up with increasing demand for its solutions.


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