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Our Solutions

ROI Tracking

Total Track is the ONLY complete call recording solution in the automotive industry that works with any existing phone system. Our cloud-based system provides call tracking and recording of all inbound or outbound calls including mobile and text messaging with no per minute charges.

Our Solutions

Call Verification

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Our Solutions

Call Recording

We step into the history of our clients by recording their calls to learn and gain an understanding of their current status, so we can effectively create a strategic plan, while ensuring accountability, feedback, effectiveness and enhancement.

Our Solutions

Hosted Phone System

Control your entire phone experience with our drag-and-drop interface. With Hosted Platform, individual users can also have access to call records, forwarding, voicemail, and more.

Our Solutions

Live Call Analysis

Sentiment analysis and key phrase spotting allow InterActiveTel to deliver actionable intelligence as situations unfold. When a customer calls a dealer, InteractiveTel technology records the call and then stores the details in Google Cloud Storage and simultaneously transcribes the content with Cloud Speech API.

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