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Call Recording

Our Records Ensure Continuity Of Strength For Our Clients

We step into the history of our clients by recording their calls to learn and gain an understanding of their current status, so we can effectively create a strategic plan, while ensuring accountability, feedback, effectiveness and enhancement.

Use either our toll free numbers, your existing toll free numbers, or a local number to record all your inbound and outbound calls.

Here is how we take our recording to the next level:

  • No onsite equipment to purchase
  • Account codes to measure employee productivity
  • Custom reports for multiple time periods
  • CRM integration for most platforms

Our Solutions

Total Track

Total Track is the ONLY complete call recording solution in the automotive industry that works with any existing phone system. Our cloud-based system provides call tracking and recording of all inbound or outbound calls including mobile and text messaging with no per minute charges. We have API integration for most major CRM systems for seamless customer management. Customer interaction analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing interaction data between a business and its customers to improve service and reduce lost opportunities.

When a customer calls into your business, the software recognizes and tags keywords that you’ve chosen, and automatically alerts the appropriate person if the call starts to go south. This tool is the most effective tool available to root out systemic phone handling problems, win back missed opportunities, and determine which marketing campaigns return maximum ROI.

Google Cloud Speech API

It’s one thing to have a recording or monitoring solution in place, and people know it’s there. But that’s reactive, meaning the only time that information is ever going to be leveraged is if there’s a situation that calls that into question. Whereas using Google Cloud Speech API we are able to mine these conversations for actionable intelligence to allow us to empower dealers to be proactive and provide a higher level of customer service.

Call Recording Systems