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Live Call Analysis

Stay Alive And Alert With Our Powerful Cloud-based Network Management System

Sentiment analysis and key phrase spotting allow InterActiveTel to deliver actionable intelligence as situations unfold.

When a customer calls a dealer, InteractiveTel technology records the call and then stores the details in Google Cloud Storage and simultaneously transcribes the content with Cloud Speech API. Because the transcription is done in near real-time, the dealer can receive actionable alerts about calls while they are in progress, and respond rapidly to help ensure customers are being treated well.

InteractiveTel’s proprietary analysis engine examines transcript text and recommends a specific action based on the call’s content. Dealers can create their own personal keywords or phrases and once the desired content is found the in a transcript, our engine will trigger alerts to be sent to specific people.

Connect and manage your favorite CRM and call analytics in one simple place. Plus, here you can customize and manage users and their preferred devices for accurate analytics and more. Find helpful call details, and see who is your best performer.

Customer interaction analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing interaction data between a business and its customers to improve service and reduce lost opportunities. When a customer calls into your dealership, the software recognizes and tags keywords that you’ve chosen, and automatically alerts the appropriate person if the call starts to go south.

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Live Call Analysis