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How It Works

Once you have an account with InterActiveTel it is trivial to drop our turnkey solution into your communication pipeline.

Tracking Numbers

If you already have tracking numbers published you can either route those numbers to our numbers, or you can port those numbers to us. If you don’t have tracking numbers, or want new ones, we maintain an inventory of hundreds of thousands of clean local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. That is all it takes to have the full IAT Call Tracking product line-up at your disposal. Once we’ve been inserted into the call path, you will immediately start to see call records in the report page, the tag cloud will start to populate, and you’ll have the ability to create your own alerting rules as well as take advantage of our extensive set of default rules.

Alerting Rules

Once you have alerting rules enabled, as soon as a call takes place which meets the criteria for a rule you’ve defined, the agent(s) you’ve set to receive alerts for the rule will receive an alert. By reviewing the call recording the agent will be armed with the most accurate information available for why the call was less than acceptable, and will be able to re-engage the customer to save the deal. The agent will also be able to coach employees on how he or she could have better handled the situation to avoid the need for intervention.

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