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Change in Consumer Shopping Behavior

COVID has drastically changed consumer behavior in how car buyers shop for vehicles. Car buyers are leaning more on the internet to seek out their next vehicle and more importantly calling the dealer to ensure their next car, truck or SUV is actually in-stock. Add to that the shortage of inventory that many OEMs are facing and it’s the perfect storm for massive increases in phone traffic, dropped calls, lost leads, and MISSED OPPORTUNITIES.

We expect our internet and sales departments to handle incoming calls and leads a certain way but is that always what happens?

So how are you to “Inspect What You Expect” out of your call center personnel and sales associates to ensure that you MAXIMIZE EVERY OPPORTUNITY that comes through the phones in the showroom, in the BDC, service department, and finance? Phone Tracking.

Phone tracking systems are a must. However, while the systems that some OEMs are now providing to dealers can help with ensuring that ad spend is making the phone ring, they typically don’t give more data than number of calls in or out. Other, more commonly used “tracking systems”, record phone conversations that allow dealers to play back phone calls, but they fall short of providing real-time, actionable feedback and notifications.

InteractiveTel provides exactly that! This information can result in increased lead conversions, less missed opportunities, and can actually increase CSI ratings.

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