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How Visible Are Your Listings?

VDP listings and website views are translating into more calls and leads than ever! But how do you know where exactly calls are coming from? How valuable are callers from each source? How much of your advertising is resulting in more than just calls and clicks but leads and sales? Stop relying on incomplete reports and get the answers you need.

What we DO know is that the number of times the phone rings from a source isn’t nearly as valuable as knowing the number of calls from each source that results in a lead and a sale.

What if you were able to see how listings are performing weekly or even daily? Not at the end of the month but DURING the month! With InteractiveTel, since we are tracking EVERY SINGLE CALL, dealers have the ability to proactively monitor inbound call counts from ANY source and set alerts when key words are triggered at ANY point. This is actionable, real-time data that you can take back to everyone from third party sites, marketing teams, and all lead providers and make adjustments right then.

You have units to move and fast… don’t rely on old data, and start tracking today with Total Track from InteractiveTel.

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