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Get the Right People For the Call

The ability to track how many times an ad makes your phone ring allows your dealership to ensure said ads are delivering new lead prospects. Most phone tracking systems record calls on tracked lines to ensure that customers are properly being assisted and the opportunity to secure a sales or fixed ops appointment is maximized.

Yes, that’s the minimum for phone tracking, but ask your call vendor these very important questions:

“How can I ensure that calls are directed to ring to the right people in my dealership?”

“Are you able to direct non-English speaking customers responding to a specific in-language ad creative to people at the dealership who can speak their language?”

“Do you have the ability to direct a tracked/recorded call to a specific person, to a group of people simultaneously, or round robin the call to a group of people?”

Appointment conversion from phone calls go up when the customer is able to speak directly to the person at the dealership who can help assist them. This is even more so when your customer is able to speak to a person at the dealership who speaks the same language as the ad that prompted them to call in the first place. There is nothing worse for the consumer than having to be placed on hold while someone at the dealership hunts down the correct person that can assist them. Having a tool that can help direct sales and service prospects to the best person at the dealership who is best suited to assist them is imperative with today’s instant gratification driven consumers.

Are you ready to take your phone systems to the next level and make your Customer’s Journey as seamless as possible?

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