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Mobile Conversation Tracking

Mobility’s Black Hole

Your salespeople are on the go – in and out of the office, meeting clients, attending events, representing your company and selling your solutions. It’s no surprise that they fall back on their mobile phones to keep up with calls and texts their prospects and customers.

That instant interaction is great for sales and customer service. The problem is you can’t track calls and texts from personal devices. So, there’s no accountability for who was called, when or what was discussed. All of that information goes into a black hole. Until now…


Introducing InteractiveTel Mobile Conversation Tracking

InteractiveTel provides the only standalone mobile app that allows your employees to make and take calls and texts from their personal devices while giving you:

Real-time tracking of call and text conversations

Real-time recording of call and text conversations

Real-time transcription of call and text conversations

Real-time alerts to trigger words mentioned in call and text conversation

Total Accountability

The InteractiveTel Mobile Call Tracking app seamlessly integrates with your customer relationship management (CRM) system to record all calls and track all data, so you can capture 100% of incoming and outbound calls and texts, giving you total accountability for customer interactions.

Plus, Live Presence

Our Mobile Conversation Tracking app also includes Live Presence, which shows you which mobile team member is available to speak to an inbound caller, so you can:

  • Expand your call center team with mobile agents
  • Enable quicker time to answer with more agents
  • Connect customers with sales experts in the field
  • Speed time to close with responsive service
Call Tracking Mobile Agents

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