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Total Track

Are you looking for a new recording solution?

Total Track is the perfect way to record every inbound and outbound call for your business. Connected to any phone system, you can segment each call by department, extension, and team. You will never miss an opportunity or have poor customer service again. The conversation analytics will analyze every call in real-time and notify you via text and email alerts on missed opportunities or poor customer service. You will be able to engage in the call in real-time!

In-Bound Lead Sourcing

Using Dynamic Number Insertions (DNI)

  • Stop using inbound sources from your website to determine marketing platform values
  • Don’t just assign a number to a marketing source and track number of calls
  • Start generating actionable reports noting where call sources came from and their conversion values

Sales Monitoring

Conversions and Missed Opportunities

  • Know how many calls and leads you get by department and sales person
  • Decrease defection rates
  • Increase conversion rates by lead source just by using metrics never seen

Service Monitoring

Appointments and Missed Opportunities

  • Parts and Service increasing by 10-20% would have what kind of impact on your bottom line?
  • Mismanaging service calls can mean the difference between profitability and being in the red
  • Don’t pay extra for service monitoring (it’s too important not to do and have to pay more for)

Reporting and Analytics You Can Actually Use

Data is Only Valuable if it's Actionable
  • Start getting reporting and analytics that tell you in seconds where opportunities are that can change everything about your sales, service and CSI scores
  • Never again wait for reports to make changes from missed opportunities and make them before they are lost in real time.. same day… right then

Training and CRM that isn’t just a checked box

There is Such a Thing as "Overtraining"

  • Training on the things that you know are relevant to you and not pulled from a template change everything
  • Utilizing the blended call tracking data WITH CRM data means more than a tracking system that simply integrates with a CRM
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