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Call Recording


TotalCX Call Recording works with any premises-based phone system or hosted PBX, including InteractiveTel’s Hosted PBX, to record and monitor every inbound and outbound call in real time.

TotalCX is a trusted call recording platform that’s used by organizations for applications, such as:

  • Ensuring service quality
  • Resolving disputes
  • Training sales and service agents
  • Complying with legal or regulatory requirements
  • More!
Call Tracking with Total Track

TotalCX includes these critical features:

Recording Disclaimers automatically inform caller that the call is being recorded.

Recording Kill Switch stops a call from being recorded.

Agent-Only Recording enables call recording for only the agent.

TotalCX Plus

TotalCX transforms into a business intelligence engine when paired with these InteractiveTel apps:


Mobile Conversation Tracking with Total Track Apps

Inbound Lead Sourcing

Using Dynamic Number Insertions (DNI) on all your marketing campaigns, you can:

  • Go beyond tracking only the number of calls received to also the number of conversions and ROI from any marketing channel
  • Stop relying solely on inbound website reporting and form fills to determining the sources of your best leads

Sales Monitoring & Optimization

TotalCX outdoes other sales monitoring systems by providing unprecedented call data in real time, so you can instantly:

  • Track the number calls and leads you get by department and salesperson
  • Identify sales opportunities with real-time transcriptions and alerts to buying signs
  • Calculate ROI for lead sources that are converting

Service Monitoring & Optimization

TotalCX has a similar impact on service monitoring, instead of monitoring only a few calls for coaching and training, you can:

  • Monitor 100% of all calls with real-time recording and transcription
  • Get alerts to trigger words that indicate a customer service issue is escalating
  • Take steps to intervene in real time to resolve the situation
  • Decrease defection rates by addressing issues more promptly

Real-Time Reporting & Actionable Analytics

Rather than only running historical trend reports, TotalCX enables you to see conversation data in real time, so you can:
  • Live Transcription delivers actionable intelligence as situations unfold
  • Instantly improve sales and service interactions as they’re in progress
  • Provide on-the-call coaching
  • Act on data immediately, in real time, as opposed to missing opportunities or losing customers while waiting for reports
  • View data your way with filtering, sorting and grouping

CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM for even more lead tracking, service monitoring and conversion probability, such as:

  • Training on the things that you know are relevant to you and not pulled from a template change everything
  • Utilizing the blended call tracking data WITH CRM data means more than a tracking system that simply integrates with a CRM

Ready to Trade In Your Phone System for a Customer Experience Intelligence Engine?

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